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I am known for wearing Chacos with dresses, but the truth is I'd rather be barefoot

I will never sell my wedding gown; the dirt on it is from the meadow where we said our vows

I am the first into the water and the last to get out

I believe that life is a beautiful mess. Hold onto the little things!

I can live on fresh cherries and pomegranates. Homemade pie is a close second

I believe in the ocean as I believe in the mountains, and love the beautiful colors they share.

I am immensely in love with the symphony and the heart-wrenching notes of Shostakovich

I believe in adopting shelter dogs; they teach us that we don't have to be perfect to be loved. 

I believe that weddings are best celebrated with your guests, not just in front of them

The perfect meal is made from scratch and served al fresco, (though a trip to Garbanzos is great too)

I sometimes time an empty gas tank for the weekends; my husband drives my car and always fills it up for me!

I believe in opening champagne on weekdays

because life is too short to save it just for special occasions

I specialize in natural outdoor weddings on private property


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