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I am known for wearing Chacos with dresses, but the truth is I'd rather be barefoot

I will never sell my wedding gown; the dirt on it is from the meadow where we said our vows

I am the first into the water and the last to get out

I believe that life is a beautiful mess. Hold onto the little things!

I can live on fresh cherries and pomegranates. Homemade pie is a close second

I believe in the ocean as I believe in the mountains, and love the beautiful colors they share.

I am immensely in love with the symphony and the heart-wrenching notes of Shostakovich

I believe in adopting shelter dogs; they teach us that we don't have to be perfect to be loved. 

I believe that weddings are best celebrated with your guests, not just in front of them

The perfect meal is made from scratch and served al fresco, (though a trip to Garbanzos is great too)

I sometimes time an empty gas tank for the weekends; my husband drives my car and always fills it up for me!

I believe in opening champagne on weekdays

because life is too short to save it just for special occasions



I once told my husband that fresh flowers made me sad, because they died. 

He hasn't bought me flowers since! 
I actually love them. 



THE Ocean

I am a land-locked, mountain loving girl who is obsessed with the water.




I love to grow and cook my own food. 

Fresh pasta, hand-made treats, bread, and pickles are just some of my favorite things to create. Champagne is required. 



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I specialize in weddings.

I use professional camera gear and systems for backing up your images. 

I help you with your timeline. I want you to have the most relaxed, fun, emotional, memorable day of your life and will go to the ends of the Earth to make that happen for you. 

Your family matters to me. Your friends matter to me. YOU matter to me.

The things that are important to you are important to me because we get each other.

my philosophy

I cherish your family heirlooms. I adore the vows you'll say behind tears and overwhelming emotion. 

I believe that many of the moments on your wedding day are purely there for you to experience them, and the images that come from those are secondary to that, not the reason for doing it.

Once we've been through this experience together, you are invited to see your wedding images in my studio, champagne and new spouse in hand, and re-live that incredible day one image at a time. 


I am excited to hear from you! 

Please check out my information page for pricing basics.

I will be in touch as soon as I can. 

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